Faith Based

Action Team

Chair: Bernie Zook

Goal: To strengthen communication among faith groups and our Mifflin County communities and to build unity through God’s love, improving the quality of life for all young people and their families.

Regular Meeting Time: 4th Thursday of each month at 2:00AM at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish office at 9 N Brown Street, Lewistown


  • Developed a Mifflin County Houses of Worship directory (limited copies remain).
  • Host a community breakfast on the National Day of Prayer, which is the first Thursday in May
  • Distribute prevention resources and information to Mifflin County’s churches via bulletin inserts, newsletters, and attending ministerium meetings.
  • Participate in Mifflin County’s Ice Fest
  • Offers a Prayer Request/Resolution table at the annual Lewistown Chip Drop on New Year’s Eve.
  • Support alcohol-free events for our high school students. One example is the 5th Quarter program that is held after home football games.

Our Action Teams are open to anyone, and we encourage you to join our efforts! For information about how to get involved in this FBI Action team, Contact Us.