Action Team


  • To assess Mifflin County youths’ positive social development and risky behaviors
  • To identify root causes of problem youth behaviors (such as easy access to alcohol) rather than looking only at the symptoms of problem behaviors (ex: underage DUI)
  • To identify the risk and protective factors that predict young peoples’ risky behaviors
  • To use data to drive the decision making around prevention programming and activities


  • Understand and interprete the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) data
  • Gather community data that relate to the well-being and social development of Mifflin County young people
  • To present the community data from various sources to the coalition to help us prioritize our risk and protective factors
  • To monitor trend over time related to problem youth behaviors


  • PAYS Review
  • County Resources and Programs


2017 Priority Risk Factors facing our young people – that we want to reduce – are:
  1. Depressive Symptoms
  2. Low Commitment to School
  3. Attitudes Favorable toward Antisocial Behavior and Drug Use
2017 Priority Protective Factors that buffer young people from engaging in risky behaviors – that we want to strengthen – are:
  1. School Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement
  2. Community Rewards for Prosocial Involvement
  3. School Rewards for Prosocial Involvement