Community Outreach

Action Team
Goal: To communicate the mission, activities, and events of CTC to the public.


  • Inform the public of CTC and prevention information through written ads, radio, television, news releases, and other media.
  • Use our local Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) results to implement a “Social Norms” campaign.  This campaign is designed to provide facts from the survey to challenge misperceptions regarding the prevalence of certain problem behaviors such as underage drinking, smoking and illicit drug use. This is based on a philosophy is that we all want to belong and, therefore, we act on our perceptions of what we believe our peers are doing so we can fit in.
  • Maintain and update CTC website ( and Facebook pages (Miffliin County Communites That Care).
  • Coordinate, in cooperation with other community members and organizations, various alcohol-free, family-friendly community events, such as concerts, movie nights, and forums.
  • Coordinate a “Summer Youth Activities Fair”

For more information about Social Norms, see or

For information about the PAYS, see

For our articles in the Sentinel, go to and in “Search local news” type in “CTC”

Our Action Teams are open to anyone, and we encourage you to join our efforts! For information about how to get involved in this Media-Event Action team, Contact Us.