Editor’s Note: This safety tip article is provided by Mifflin County Communities That Care (CTC). This is an ongoing monthly series provided by CTC to help inform the public about key areas of health and or safety concerns. This month’s article was written by Steven Eward, a student from Indian Valley High School.


Signs of Drunk Driving

One thing that is as dangerous as drunk driving is sharing the road with a drunk driver. Drunk drivers not only endanger themselves by driving under the influence, they also put the drivers around them at risk with their impaired judgment. Thankfully there are ways to avoid sharing the road with drunk drivers and minimizing your chance of an unwanted accident.

One way to avoid drunk drivers is to avoid driving late at night. There are more drunk drivers on the road at this time than any other time of day because of parties and closing time at bars. However, if you can’t avoid driving late at night, you should learn how to spot a drunk driver.

Luckily, it isn’t hard to spot a drunk driver because they give obvious signs that they are not sober. Some signs include the driver having trouble staying centered on the road, stopping without warning, disregarding the speed limit, turning abruptly, and driving without headlights. If you notice any of these signs, there are steps to take to ensure your safety.

Follow these procedures to avoid a collision with a drunk driver. Step one is to pull off the road and allow the drunk driver to pass you. It is easier to avoid the driver when you can see them in front of you. You should also maintain a safe distance behind the drunk driver due to the driver’s impaired judgment. When you pull over, you should get the license plate number of the driver and call 911 to report a D.U.I. to the police.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to avoid an accident with a drunk driver, and you will help law enforcement stop drunk driving for good.