Mrs. Grace McNeil and Jamie L. of The W.B. Goodwin Community Center in Springfield, PA emailed us to bring this link to our attention: “”Learning About Fire Safety” at


Thank you Jamie L. for sharing this information with us!

This link takes you to an article by Petra Paulson and has many useful safety links for kids. Her topics include:

House Safety;

Yard Safety;

Fire Safety;

Internet Safety; and

Stranger Safety.

There are many links provided that have WONDERFUL information geared to children!

NOTE: CTC does not endorse JMAC Supply Corp but is merely bringing Ms. Paulson’s safety information page to your attention.


CTC thanks Faye Davis from MCSD who shared the information below with us; she received this link from another MCSD mother and she asked that we share it with YOU! This link is to a business EZWatch-Pro. NOTE: We do not endorse this business but are merely bringing their safety information to your attention.

“Home Security and Safety Guide” at

Fire Safety

  • Fire Safety Advice – important information for people to help prevent fires from occurring.
  • Fire Prevention – useful information and advice on how to prevent fires from happening.
  • Fire Safety for Parents – helpful site providing information for parents on how to keep kids safe from fires.
  • Fire Safety Tips – fun and informative site aimed for kids and parents on how to protect against fires.
  • Home and Business Fire Safety – federal guidelines on how to protect property against the threat of fire.
  • Fire Prevention Tips – useful article containing helpful tips on how to prevent fires around the home.
  • Rules of Fire Safety – informative site for kids containing the top ten rules for fire safety.

Personal Safety

Home Safety

  • Home Security – helpful survey for homeowners on how to better prepare and prevent unwanted criminals from going into your home.
  • Home Security Tips – useful common sense tips on how to properly secure your home.
  • Tips for Home Security – advice and tips for homeowners on how to make your home secure.
  • Home and Recreational Safety – informative site providing prevention tips for common safety concerns.
  • Home Safe Home – information and guidelines for common safety and health issues to be aware of at home.

Kids Safety

  • FBI Kids Safety – informative site from the FBI on a variety of kids safety topics at home and at school.
  • Health and Safety – information on how younger kids can be safe and healthy.
  • Kids and Teens Food Safety – helpful site containing information and guidelines on the food children should eat.
  • Pool Safety for Kids – useful site teaching how kids and families can be safe around pools.
  • Safety Basics – resource containing basic information on a variety of safety topics for kids.
  • Household Safety Checklists – useful checklist for parents to help keep the home safe for children.
  • First Aid and Safety – informative website with tips on what to do in an emergency, first aid products to have on hand and more.

Internet Safety

Additional Safety Resources