To the editor:

The end of the school year is exciting and hectic, especially for juniors and seniors as prom and graduation season is upon us. Prom parties and graduation celebrations can be very joyous events. However, underage alcohol consumption is too often part of these celebrations.

During this prom and graduation season, Communities That Care would like to remind parents that they can be the first line of defense to help prevent underage drinking by:

  • Knowing that it is a serious crime for an adult to provide alcohol to underage minors, and that the consequences of this crime are fines of $1,000 per youth and possible jail time.
  • Knowing where your child is when they attend a party and calling ahead to verify that the party will be alcohol-free and supervised by adults.
  • Making it clear that you do not approve of underage drinking.
  • Telling a minor who consumes alcohol that he or she is breaking the law and is risking their life, as well as the lives of others, if they choose to drink and drive.
  • Providing a safe, alcohol-free environment for your child and their friends.

Additionally, our local beer distributorship owners commit to doing what they can to prevent underage drinking. These individuals have a unique part to play in prevention, and there are laws in place to help them do their part. Our distributorship owners uphold these laws to protect our youth, and they will continue to do this, especially during prom and graduation season.

Our community needs to work together to help protect our youth during this exciting, yet critical, time in their lives. We want our youth to enjoy safe, alcohol-free celebrations this season. We hope that you share our desire.

Bob Lingle,

Lingle Distributing

John Pensiero,

Bargain Beer and Soda

Val Baumgardner,

Beer and Soda City

Diane Adair,

Big Valley Beverage

Steve Schaaf, President

Communities That Care

Karin Knode, Vice President

Communities That Care

Karen Goss, Secretary

Communities That Care

Leslie Hoye, Treasurer

Communities That Care