Note: In an effort to highlight the prevention programs that are available in Mifflin County, Mifflin County Communities That Care (CTC) is offering a new series that will focus on one service provider each month. CTC offers this information with the purpose of strengthening our families and community.

My name is Peter Czeck, case manager supervisor at The Juniata Valley Tri-County Drug & Alcohol Abuse Commission. Addiction is not only an individual problem, but also a family problem, a community problem, and a national problem. I have seen the devastating effects addiction can have on people and families.

The Juniata Valley Tri-County Drug & Alcohol Abuse Commission is primarily responsible for providing funding to individuals in Mifflin, Juniata, and Huntingdon counties who are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. This funding is provided to people who are unable to pay for treatment on their own or who do not have any insurance benefits for drug and alcohol services. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol addiction, we urge you to call or stop by our office and set up an appointment with one of our case managers to have an assessment completed to determine what level of care is needed. The assessment is done free of charge and all information given will remain strictly confidential. Any access to treatment is done on a voluntary basis and at no time will you be placed into treatment that is not of your choosing. We do provide funding for treatment for both adults and adolescents.

In addition to assessment and referral services, Tri-County drug and alcohol also offers case management services in the form of Intensive Case Management and Resource Coordination. These are voluntary programs also offered free of charge. The primary functions of case management are to EVALUATE your needs, help you set GOALS, LINK you to services, ADVOCATE for your rights and COACH you as you work toward your goals. A case manager will evaluate your needs across twelve domains which include HOUSING, EDUCATION, LEGAL and CHILD CARE to name a few. The case manager will help you create a service plan for any domain in which services are needed and coach you on how to successfully meet your needs in that particular domain.

Again, if you or someone you know is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction please don’t hesitate to call our office toll free at 1-888-242-1446 to set up an appointment. Or you can stop by our office in the new COMPASS building on the corner of Dorcas Street and Montgomery Avenue in Lewistown to schedule an appointment.